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A Dragon Slayers Journey to Yoga and what that looks like

For one student, Kyle Andrew, landing on his mat is actually for work! You see, Kyle is an actor and doing his own stunts, his career can be very physically demanding. Adopting a practice of mostly SSU classes, he comes to his mat to repair and prepare his body for whatever might be around the next bend … even if it is a dragon!

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One student’s journey through the 30 day challenge

I’ll be honest, after my first Challenge in November 2015, I felt like I’d been mixed up in a blender along with lots of sweaty yoga pants and towels. On November 30th, 2015, I didn’t think I’d ever do another Challenge because, geez, it’s hard for so many reasons!
I’ll admit, I’m an introvert by nature. I’m happy to show up, do my thing, and then go home. Social situations like the end of challenge potluck we had that year are overwhelming for me sometimes. So as we got into October 2016 and the buzz began about November’s challenge, I had firmly decided that I wouldn’t be participating.