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Moksha Music: Have you tried our Follow The Yogi Class?

There is a space— a space that only quiet can create— that you can fill with your own degree of depth. Moksha music classes aren’t silent: they are accompanied by a live musician or a carefully created playlist, but they don’t feature the same constant cues and themes. Recently, I’ve found myself drawn to the Music classes more, and I’ve noticed a few subtle differences. I could feel myself taking a little longer to get into and out of poses. I can feel myself taking a few extra movements, experimenting in a pose differently than I would in a Moksha 60.

Moksha music with live music is an animal unto itself. Joel, the talented musician who plays in our Dundas Moksha Music classes, does a wonderful job of reading the energy or the room and intensifying or quieting the music when needed. It also helps that Joel is a yogi too, so he is very familiar with the Moksha sequence, with what certain poses feel like, and to a listeners perspective, it certainly feels like he does a great job marrying music to the yoga.

This is not to say that Moksha Music without live music isn’t worth going to. Quite the contrary. Finding a teacher who can curate a playlist that speaks to you is a treasure, and I know that all of our teachers slave over their playlists to make sure that the tunes they bring you are fresh, that they fit their sequence, and that they set the tone of the class. I recently went to one of Annie’s Moksha Music classes, and her playlist truly speaks to my own sensibilities: I have since followed her on Spotify. Find your own music soul mate amongst our talented and diverse roster of teachers. The only way to know who’s playlist is the best is to test them all.

You’ll see Moksha Music all over our summer schedule. In Dundas, you’ll find Moksha Live Music is Tuesday nights in Dundas at 7:30 with Joel on strings, and Moksha Music Follow the Yogi on Thursdays at 630 am. In Stoney Creek, there’s opportunities to Follow the Yogi on Monday nights at 830 pm, Wednesday mornings at 615 am, and Saturdays at 415 pm. Hope to catch you there, jamming out!

About The Author:

Nicole Doro is a tree hugging, book loving yogi who you’ll see behind the desk at MYH. For more tree hugging, book loving, and yoga, catch her at @nicoledoro on IG.

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