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Viv Pieon

As a long time martial arts practitioner and passionate runner, Viv found yoga because she needed something to add more balance to her fitness routine. She started doing yoga at MYH in 2012, and soon found that yoga was something that keeps her body in harmony and her spirits high.

Viv was drawn to teach yoga because she was impressed by the professional, friendly atmosphere MYH offers and the accessibility and knowledge of the teachers around her. Viv attended Moksha Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training with her husband, Rodney in Montreal, October 2015.

Viv’s biggest inspiration was her father. She explains that “no matter what life threw his way, he adapted and kept on going. He had a lifelong dedication to learning and to reaching out to people. In his 90’s he continued to volunteer at his local hospital, had a  Facebook account and knew how to text”.

Viv looks forward to helping people stay vibrant and healthy through all the stages of their lives through practicing yoga, and to keep learning, just like her Dad did.