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Tara Hansen-Rix

Tara started yoga in 2011 when she received a gift certificate for an intro month from her mom. After letting it sit for some time, she decided to go with a friend and give it a try. Tara quickly realized that yoga filled a spot in her life she didn’t realize was missing. Tara started yoga to increase her flexibility, and continue to develop her strength training, but found so much more. She finds that yoga brings balance to her day to day activities and lifestyle, and she loves the practice of bringing her yoga off her mat.
Tara was compelled to become a yoga teacher because she wanted to bring something she is so passionate about to as many people as possible. She completed Moksha Level 1 Teacher Training in Kelowna, B.C. in July 2015 and Moksha Flow Training in Nicaragua in February 2017. Tara is constantly inspired by all of the gifted and talented teachers in the community as she learns something new each time she returns to her mat. Tara explains she is constantly in awe of the fellow teachers in the Moksha community who are constantly living to learn and teaching to their fullest abilities. She has discovered more of who she is as an individual through yoga, and is looking forward to continuing on this journey and sharing it with others.