Sonya Brar

Moksha Yoga came into Sonya’s life when she was suffering from a lot of grief and anxiety.  “The first time I sweat it out in a Moksha class, it was as if every pore had cried and provided me a release; my body let go of what it needed to.  My mind found a quietness that it hadn’t experienced in a long time,” says Sonya.  “Yoga allows me to simply BE…without a label, without playing a role. Stillness, nourishment and connectedness are what keep me coming back to the mat.
Determined to pay it forward, Sonya decided to become a yoga teacher.  She completed the Young Yoga Masters kids’ training in 2010, followed by the Moksha Teacher Training in Brazil in 2011.  She’s looking forward to a prenatal training with Janice Clairfield in the fall of 2011. Sonya says the “Ted Grands and Jessica Robertsons of the world” (Moksha’s co-founders) inspire her…those with the passion to create change.  She loves to garden and be surrounded by nature and the warmth of the sun.  When she absolutely has to be indoors she loves cooking for her family (with a great glass of wine of course!).