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Shayna McMurray

Shayna loves yoga for the mind/body connection. She explains that “Yoga is a place that I can slow down, sweat, stretch and unwind. I love MYH for the variety of classes. I can get exactly what I feel I need that day from a weights class to a tranquil slow flow.”

Shayna remembers the very first time she walked into MYH, and explains that each time she comes back it is a positive and inviting environment. She loves the community of people, the variety of individuals and their interests. Shayna loves being a part of the outdoor activities that the studio participates in, such as Yoga in the Park and appreciates the karma and charity aspect the studio offers.

Shayna continues to visit her mat because of the positive progress she consistency experiences and notices, both physical and emotional. She explains she is stronger, more flexible and also centred with a regular yoga practice. Shayna completed the Moksha Yoga Teacher Training in Montreal in September of 2016.