Rodney Pieon

Rod took his first yoga class in 2012, with his wife Viv by his side! He was quickly hooked and became a part of the Energy Exchange program in April 2013. From there, Rod and Viv together completed Moksha Level 1 Teacher Training in Montreal in October 2015.

Yoga is something that Rod is passionate about, and loves practicing with his wife whenever. He feels yoga keeps him healthy, happy and connected to a wonderful community of like minded people. Rod is also a runner and performs martial arts, and finds yoga is the perfect compliment!

Rod decided to teach yoga to further connect to people in the community and bring more peace into the world. He has been a part of various yoga workshops and seminars over the past two years. Rod was inspired to teach through a variety of Moksha teachers in the community, and has 20 years of instructional experience in other fields of activities.