Michael Albert

Michael began his yoga journey in the fall of 2015, when his girlfriend suggested he might enjoy an SSU class.  It is the general sense of calming and grounding that Michael feels during and after yoga that keeps him looking forward to his next practice.  The wonderful company is always a bonus!
Michael is a member of our teaching staff and started his journey with us an an Energy Exchanger, doing handiwork around the studios.  He’s a talented craftsman and wanted to become more involved in the space he felt so connected to.  Not too long after Michael and his Girlfriend, Shayna, started talking about going to teacher training together.
Nature is one of Michael’s biggest inspirations!  He feels that we are all deeply connected to our natural world (whether we feel it or not).  Michael finds a sense of peace in the chaos of the world when connected to nature.  Nature has no right or wrong, should or should nots, it just is.  His other biggest inspiration is Shayna.  She always seems to make him the best he can be and has been the reason Michael has worked so hard for the part two years.
Apart from yoga, Michael loves creating … anything, really.  Painting or at the piano, or in the workshop woodworking.  If he isn’t getting sweaty in the hot room, he is usually getting sweaty while installing a floor or renovating a home for his carpentry business.