Mélissa Loïzou

Mélissa has a very inspiring story about how her yoga practice began. When she was in grad school she developed a routine of waking up every morning and heading straight to the yoga studio bright and early! Her regular yoga practice helped her to relax and focus…and this clearly worked as she finished her thesis in only one month!! She inspires us all to find our own focussed potential. However, focus isn’t the only attitude Mélissa gains from her practice. She finds that yoga helps her to tap into her inner strength, joy and tranquility. She continues to apply what she learns of the mat such as being mindful, consciously directing her thoughts, tuning into and drawing on the positive energy of people around her to her daily life.
Yoga also allows Mélissa to stay open to experiences that may be outside of her comfort zone. Mélissa travelled to Montreal in October 2012 for the Moksha Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training in order to expand her practice, but also to share her love of yoga with others. She has checked this long time goal off of her to do list!  Mélissa is a true yogi and draws her inspiration from people who work to reduce poverty and those who act mindfully towards our planet, which she also does in return.