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Linzy Zeiler

Linzy started her yoga journey when she was just 17, ten years ago, time flies when you are having fun!  Her mom brought her to class to help with high school stress and all that accompanies being a teenage girl!  Linzy has had a regular practice since.
Yoga makes Linzy happy, it is that plain and simple!  it constantly inspires and fuels her through different aspects of her life.
It was at a time when Linzy needed to feel a sense of community that she found MYH.  She was able to feel connected and so much more!
Linzy is inspired by people.  Whether it is her patients at work, she is a nurse at Juravinski Hospital, struggling though the hardest days of their lives, or her barre students who are able to push themselves just one inch lower.  Never underestimate what may seem like a small accomplishment.  There is no such thing!