Larissa Duke

Larissa started her love affair with yoga in 2011 when she was just 14 years old.  She is drawn to the practice of yoga because it offers her the chance to commit to honouring herself and thanking her body for an hour, which otherwise, her hectic schedule would not let her do.
She is continually inspired to change the word by being the best version of herself.  She thinks, just imagine if we all strived to be the kindest, most compassionate and loving version of ourselves?  There would be a massive change in shifting the world towards peace.
Larissa loves backpacking so much and tries to leave the country a few times a year (Last year was a road trip across Canada. This year was NYC, Puerto Rico, Italy, and Greece. Next year looks like it’ll be Guatemala, Italy again, and maybe more of Europe? Or maybe Asia?)
Larissa studies Neuroscience at McMaster and loves it.