Lane Dunlop

Originally hailing from Saskatoon, or as some call it “Not Regina”, Lane came to Hamilton via New York City and Iowa in 2004, following his smarter, funnier wife as she joined the McMaster Sociology department.

Known to take his hockey seriously, perhaps too seriously, Lane’s Moksha practice allows him to keep playing. It has also saved his sanity on more than one occasion.

As a lifelong member of Team Arya and her continuing Sunday night battles to right the wrongs that have been forced upon Westeros by an evil ruling family, Lane is inspiried by those fighting against real world evil rulers who are forcing their warped vision upon the world.

Lane wanted to join the team at MYH to work with the awesome people who teach and work here everyday, and to continue to see the joy and happiness that a good hour of Moksha brings to each and every one of us.

Speaking of joy and happiness, Lane and Tina have a 13 year old son who controls their lives via his hockey schedule.