Laicie 1

Laicie Walker

Laicie loves yoga not only because it helps to clear her busy thoughts and seemingly strengthens all aspects of her well being, but also because it reminds her how to be a compassionate and loving person. Yoga makes the rest of Laicie’s life easier to manage, and gives her a sense of overall calmness.

Laicie likes to surround herself with like-minded, positive and healthy people with a passion for life, leading her to want to be apart of the MYH team!

Laicie is inspired by nature and art and people. Some of her favourite things include the sky, sunsets, trees, stars along with art, music, photography and human connection/ community. Being a new mom she is also inspired by the joy and energy that children have for life.

Laicie did her teacher training in Nicaragua in 2015. She has an educational background and also likes to bring her skills into the classroom to assist children in exploring the benefits of yoga. Additionally, she has organized and taught goat yoga on a farm in Binbrook last summer. Laicie has a strong performance and dance background which led her in the direction of Barre which she instructs as well.