Heather Gallant

Heather started practicing yoga in August 2016, and thinks that aside from getting her dog Winston, yoga was the best decision of her life.  Heather attributes her sanity to yoga.  She says it is either yoga at the end of a hectic day or a glass of wine, but yoga offers her the love, support and strength of community that you can’t get otherwise.
Heather works with us as one of our front desk staff, she says that her mother told her to do what she loves, and she loves Moksha!
As for what inspires Heather, it is the members at Moksha.  Each member has a story and although it is often unspoken, we’re somehow deeply connected through our mats. You never know what someone is facing or has overcomer.  Yoga offer so much more than physical fitness, being in the hot room with 40 plus members is when she is truly inspired.
Heather is a lifelong student.  She strives to learn something new every day, whether it is related to her love of neuroscience or simply something about herself.  She never wants to stop learning.  As Einstein said, one you stop learning, you stop living.