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Haley Spennato

Haley loves how yoga makes her feel mentally and physically. Physically, it helps her to build strength and stretch. Mentally, it has taught her to still her mind and breath, to not sweat the small things or not take herself too seriously. Haley explains that “yoga has taught me to challenge myself and not be afraid to fail. It makes me happy!”
Haley chooses to practice at MYH, and become a part of the front desk team because of the sense of community. Everyone is supportive and encouraging, and she wanted to contribute to the warm and welcoming atmosphere surrounding the studio. Haley continues to come to her mat because “the evolution of the practice inspires me. It changes with what my mind and body need- sometimes it is a physical challenge and sometimes the biggest challenge is finding my breath. I never know how my practice will go before I get to my mat and that is part of the fun!”