dr nicole

Dr. Nicole Ciraolo

Before there were numerous yoga studios, Dr. Nicole fell in love with yoga in high school after purchasing a yoga exercise video. Over the years her practice moved from her home mat to the studio and has become a permanent fixture in her life. Prior to her chiropractic and acupuncture training, Dr. Nicole loved yoga simply for how good it made her feel. Now, with a deeper anatomical understanding, Nicole’s passion for yoga is also about nourishing the muscles, joints and nervous system to sustain a healthy and pain-free body.
With the goal of encouraging her patient’s to utilize yoga for a safe and effective form of injury rehabilitation, Dr. Nicole decided to become an instructor herself. Beginning with certification through Can-Fit-Pro in 2008, she has taken numerous yoga workshops and courses to expand her knowledge and skill set, including Prenatal Yoga Instructor certification. Dr. Nicole is continuously inspired by her patients that find pain-relief and a new found strength and peacefulness after beginning their own yoga practice.