Danielle Houston

Danielle started practicing yoga in 2012 when she moved home from university. She had grown up dancing and when that no longer was available, she found yoga, and instantly fell in love.

Yoga provides Danielle with presence and clarity and that’s why you can consistently find her on her mat. It is her release and simultaneously, her motivator; Danielle loves finding intention in everything she does, and yoga helps her achieve this.

Danielle started working at MYH because the Moksha community is contagious and she wanted to be a part of the team that helps more people access yoga!

Danielle gets really inspired by opportunity! In all different forms, she tries to seek out opportunities in all of her moments. Opportunities for mindfulness, creativity, time, relationships, stillness. Danielle loves growth and change, and gets really jazzed when she see opportunities present themselves.

Aside from practicing yoga and working at MYH, Danielle runs her own business. She dreamt it up when she was 17. Check it out: http://bydanilea.com