Dana- Headshot

Dana Bee

Dana had her first class at MYH in 2012 when a teacher in her program encouraged everyone to try other forms of exercise and relaxation. Taking the odd class here and there “I realized the benefits of yoga – stress release, increased flexibility and lower back pain relief – and how much of a positive change it created in my life”. However, it wasn’t until 2014 when a Christmas present from her boss, allowed her to practice more regularly and she hasn’t stopped since.

In 2016, Dana joined the Front Desk team. When you don’t see her behind the desk, she is busy travelling Ontario timing athletic races for work. “Having a flexible schedule, I can take the time out of my day to come to my mat and destress from life. I’ve become less anxious and the MYH community has helped my depression. I also notice the difference yoga makes for the other activities I partake in, such as coaching basketball and playing soccer and baseball”.