April Morganti

April has been a long distance runner for many years and after many injuries realized she needed something that would give her the satisfaction and intensity of running- but also that wouldn’t be so hard on her body. Barre provides that burn and feeling of working out, without the jarring impact on your back and knees. The best part about barre for April is that she has a longer, stronger physique than running ever gave her! “When you are 5-feet tall, longer and stronger is always good!” Two things that had April hooked at the barre right away: First, managing a busy career, being a mom of 2 active and awesome kids and being involved in her community, that any extra time dedicated to physical fitness had to be efficient and effective! When April takes a barre class she leaves feeling satisfied with a great workout and and a major burn in her muscles, especially in her hamstrings and seat. Secondly, April loves that you see great results very early. She likes to work hard for her fitness level and wants to see results fast- the barre does that! April comes to barre for the burn so she just closes her eyes, smiles and breathes through it!