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Anna Tulczynska

Anna was initially drawn to yoga during her undergraduate years.  She started at Moksha Yoga Guelph.   Anna arrived with the hopes of stretching her tight hamstrings from running.  As yoga became an integral part of her running training, she experienced relief from an autoimmune digestive disease.  It was at this time that Anna knew yoga would be a part of her life and support her in becoming a healthier, happier and more relaxed version of herself.
Anna feels that yoga makes her life SO much better!  It has become her refuge when looking for solitude; her tribe when searching for connection; her stillness when in times of chaos and her ritual in times of uncertainty.
Anna joined us at a Barre teacher at MYH because she admires all of that Moksha Yoga Hamilton represents and promotes.  This includes civic engagement, community interaction and personal wellbeing.
Anna tries to be simultaneously inspired by life’s little and big things.  At the studio though, she is inspired by fellow students who are not frustrated when their yoga practice changes due to illness or injury; instead, they truly embody ‘yoga’ by honouring their body, mind and spirit and practice in a way that serves them at that point in time.  (Also, anyone with a home practice, mad props!)
Two bonus tidbits about Anna?  She has spend lots of time living in a tent as a tree planter!  Living and working in the woods has been a very enriching and transformative experience for her.  She also works as a teacher and aims to bring yoga into the lives of young people.