Anisha Rao

Anisha started practicing yoga 5 years ago in 2012, when she was just 15 years old.  She turned to yoga to help keep her grounded, focused and giving balance to a hectic school schedule.  Now, a full-time student at McMaster University, she uses yoga to destress!  Anisha refers to her hour in the hot room as a ‘mini-vacation’ for her mind.  She also loves that yoga is a great exercise for the body.
Anisha joined us as front desk staff because she loved the caring and warm environment, and she is so happy to be part of it!  Anisha is inspired by people who are able to brighten the lives of others with just a smile or by just being themselves.  People like her parents, sister and best friends.  These are the kind of people who inspire her to be herself and make her exactly who she is.  Anisha believes there is no point in being around people who put you down, it is a waste of energy.  Instead, she says to find people who help you channel your energy in a positive way to better the lives of others and inspire the people around you.
This beautiful ball of warm energy is going into her 3rd year of Honours Life Science at McMaster with a double minor in Community Engagement and Sustainability.  When she isn’t practicing yoga, you can find her volunteering, doing clinical research, helping with different extra-curicular clubs or teams, or travelling to cool places!