Angela Tulk

Home sweet home, Angela started her yoga practice at 2010 at Moksha Yoga Hamilton and has now come full circle. Angela feels as though yoga is just as important as food and water – she just can’t live without it! Her practice has always been very dedicated and she returns to her mat on a regular basis. What keeps her coming back: “All the awesome people I share the studio with and that hour where I get my sweat on and truly connect with myself.”
Angela’s love for yoga has never been a secret, so it was no surprise when she decided that she wanted to share her love of yoga with others and head off to the Montreal 2012 Moksha Yoga Teacher Training and continue to inspire others to try yoga for the firs time. Her supportive and encouraging husband who shows so much drive for success inspires her every day and actually gave her the encouragement to attend training.
Angela has also completed the Moksha Yoga Flow Training in NYC and is a certified Xen Strength Yoga with Weights Instructor. If Angela can’t be found at the studio on her mat, try looking in the gym, behind the mask at the dentist office as she is also a dental hygienist or being a mother of two! No wonder why she loves yoga so much…overall health is something Angela takes very seriously!