How one Yogi made her way through grad school with yoga

I started practicing yoga during a pretty hectic time in my life. I was juggling full-time grad school, a T.A. position, a part-time job working reception at a doctor’s office and working as a flight attendant on weekends. It was pretty intense living but incredibly enough I managed to keep grounded, primarily because I would start each day with a 90 minute hot yoga practice.That was almost 20 years ago. Wow, how time flies and lots has changed but my morning yoga practice remains.

Often times you will hear that yoga gives you skills that you can take off the mat. I can attest to this. In my case, a regular morning yoga practice helps me structure my day. It also gives me a boost of really positive energy that I carry with me as my day unfolds. My practice has helped me develop focus and discipline that serve me well in my other job. Since our practice focuses so much on breath, I am capable of creating space when things get busy. The ability to slow things down is really precious, especially when you tend to be somewhat of a busy bee. Hopefully this convinces some of you to join me for a morning practice.

About the Author:
Yoga also allows Melissa to stay open to experiences that may be outside of her comfort zone. Melissa travelled to Montreal in October 2012 for the Moksha Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training in order to expand her practice, but also to share her love of yoga with others. She has checked this long time goal off of her to do list!  Melissa is a true yogi and draws her inspiration from people who work to reduce poverty and those who act mindfully towards our planet, which she also does in return.

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