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The Neuroscience Behind Savasana

Laura recently came back from Teacher Training and is excited to start practice teaching!  She wrote this amazing article on the neuroscience behind Savasana as one of her projects and we wanted to share!   Hopefully this will encourage a few more people to stay in Savasana is little longer 😉 A requirement for me at yoga teacher training… More details


Career Opportunity | Studio Manager, Dundas

WHO WE ARE Moksha Yoga was built on the dream of having community-based studios that share their ideas, their love of conservation, an awesome hot yoga series rooted in the traditional teachings of yoga and yoga therapy concepts, and a passion for our 7 philosophical pillars. Our studios are community hubs where yoga is just the… More details

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  If you’re more than a few months into your workout routine, you might be ready to take things to the next level. To make sure that you’re continually strengthening and improving with your workouts, we’ve developed a list of 10 ways to make lifting weights more effective in the gym. These are a great… More details

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Be Peace: One Yogi’s Journey to Slowing Down

On Friday April 24, 2014, I smashed my 2009 Volkswagen Passat into a concrete pole. All by myself. On a deserted city street. I hit the pole hard enough that it shattered. Chunks of concrete flew through the air and rained down on my car—smashing the windshield, and leaving no panel without a dent. Three… More details

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Moksha Music: Have you tried our Follow The Yogi Class?

There is a space— a space that only quiet can create— that you can fill with your own degree of depth. Moksha music classes aren’t silent: they are accompanied by a live musician or a carefully created playlist, but they don’t feature the same constant cues and themes. Recently, I’ve found myself drawn to the Music classes more, and I’ve noticed a few subtle differences.