Laicie 1

Laicie Walker

Laicie joined the MYH team as part of the Energy Exchange program, and started working front desk in 2013. She loves yoga not only because it helps to clear her busy thoughts and seemingly strengthens all aspects of her well being, but also because it reminds her how to be a compassionate and loving person. Yoga makes the rest of Laicie’s life easier to manage, and gives her a sense of overall calmness.
Laicie loves MYH because the community has really helped to ground her… literally! She explains “I have found a haven which has helped this free bird create a nest after years of world travels and adventures.” Laicie likes to surround herself with like-minded, positive and healthy people with a passion for life, leading her to want to be apart of the MYH team!
She keeps coming back to her mat as a chance to reconnect with herself, and every time she does she receives a dose of awesomeness! Laicie is constantly inspired by people, places and things. She feels as though she is often taken by the beauty within things, such as flowers, the colourful sky, acts and stories of kindness, photos, culture.. the list goes on and on!
Laicie has recently completed Moksha Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training in Nicaragua and is excited to share what she has learned. She explains that she is “fascinated by people and thrilled to begin teaching!” Laicie explains that she has learned to show herself a little more love and to break through the boundaries she has set for herself in order to live an amazing life without doubt. She encourages you to do the same!