Diane St. John

Yoga is definitely Diane’s rock! By coming to her mat again and again, she achieves more peace, calmness, contentment, acceptance and gratitude. Yoga has opened her heart to life, and MYH is the place she made this discovery. The welcoming atmosphere opened the door and has held it open ever since. Diane wanted to become a part of the MYH team because it was her home away from her.
She explains that she has met so many friendly and inspiring people over the past three years – including EEs, practitioners, staff, teachers, and of course the wonderful studio owner! Diane explains that there are many reasons people are inspired to come to their yoga mats, but for her it’s simple. “Yoga makes me feel really good, inside and out and I truly wish to bring that to others.” Diane completed her Moksha Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training in Kelowna, B.C. in July 2014.