Brandy 3

Brandy Hoover

Fresh into her first year at McMaster, Brandy started practicing yoga in 2010 looking for a way to get active, but more importantly to relax. The beginning of her journey with yoga involved some love-hate feelings, and it was two years later that Brandy found Moksha Yoga Hamilton and the Energy Exchange program. This is where the love set in!
Brandy feels yoga is the perfect example of the challenges of life within four walls. She explains that sometimes it feels easy, sometimes it takes more energy then she feels she has, and then there are those moments where it all comes together and she remembers why she loves it so much. Brandy set out to Victoria, B.C in June 2013 for Moksha Level 1 Teacher Training because she wanted to share what she loves with others back home, and to guide students into finding those “aha” moments on their mats. She is inspired by by every single person that lays down their mat and gives it their all and aspires to teach in a way that inspires people, and encourages them to step out side of their comfort zone each and every class.