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Annie Ridos

Annie started doing yoga in the fall of 2011 with her mom, and has been in love ever since. She loves yoga because it continues to challenge and surprise her every time she returns to her mat. Annie explains that “yoga is definitely something that reminds me to keep moving, keep breathing and whatever it is I am searching for in that moment will come eventually if I just practice patience and keep calm in my mind and body.”

Annie keeps coming back to her mat because she loves the way yoga makes her body feel. She loves the constant change in her practice, and how she can always be a beginner on her mat. Yoga has taught Annie to remember that all feelings pass and nothing is permanent. Yoga also keeps Annie humble, and reminds her to listen to her body and treat it with respect.

Annie loves MYH because there is such a strong sense of community and no matter who you are or where you come from you can always count on someone at MYH to lend a helping hand, give you some great advice, or just be there for a warm conversation. When you enter the doors at MYH you never feel like an outsider, and everyone is always smiling, laughing and offering a positive thought. Annie completed Moksha Level 1 Teacher Training in July 2015, in Kelowna, B.C. She is constantly inspired by students at MYH and how yoga has changed their lives in a positive way. Annie explains “I think that it is absolutely amazing that something so simple as breath and movement can have such a positive impact on so many people in one community (and thousands of other communities all around the world).”