Amy Warner

Amy explains that “Committing time to myself and my mat has given me the space to breathe, open my heart and step back. It’s something I do for only me… And that’s okay!” The MYH community has retaught Amy how to fill her cup first. This revelation has lead to a strong body, calm mind and far less anxiety. Amy explains that with yoga, she eats better, sleeps better and reacts better. She lives a better life where she respects her body, mind and spirit everyday. And maybe cheat a little and have ice cream too!

Amy loves the MYH community because she explains that “it has pulled [me] out of my introverted, book jacket shell and welcomed me completely. I can come to my mat and be totally zen in the moment or I can have a quick and mindful chat with a fellow yogi, but always find peace in my savasana to keep me going through each day.”