Amanda Clifford

Amanda started practicing yoga in 2008 at the local gym with her mom in her hometown of Caledonia. She enjoyed the weekly classes at her gym, but it wasn’t until she tried her first hot yoga class in the summer of 2014 that she fell in love. After trying a few hot yoga studios, Amanda settled on MYH because everyone was so welcoming and friendly—it truly felt like home.

After experiencing the multitude of positive health effects that come with a regular Moksha practice, Amanda completed her Moksha Level One Teacher Training in Kelowna, BC so she could share her love of yoga and all these benefits with others. Her love of vigorous physical exercise and the heat keeps her coming back to her mat on a regular basis. Amanda continues to be inspired by all of her teachers at MYH—the powerful part of the Moksha practice is that although it is a set series of postures, no two classes feel the same because each teacher brings their own unique light to the series.